The Problem With Untreated Water

Arizona has some of the hardest water found anywhere in the United States, new RO filtration systems or water softeners can solve this problem. Luckily, our plumbers install every type of water filtration system to provide you with consistently soft water.

RO filtration and water softener systems make a real difference, especially in Phoenix AZ. Our experienced RO and water softener service and installation has you covered, so you don't need to worry about all the hard minerals when you drink from the tap. RO and water softener maintenance | water softener repair | water softener maintenance | check ups | tune ups | water softener sales | new water softener costs | water softeners - prices | water softeners

In fact, the water in Arizona is between 15-25 grains per gallon of dissolved minerals like calcium and magnesium, which is considered “extremely hard” by the Arizona Water Quality Association. In addition to mineral deposits, untreated water can also contain high levels of bacteria and viruses. The combination of mineral deposits and microbiological contaminants can combine to create tap water that is not fit for drinking, bathing, washing dishes, or washing clothes. 

How do you know which homes or businesses need a water softener, reverse osmosis system, or similar water treatment system? The short answer is any home or business that is using untreated Phoenix tap water would benefit from professional water softener installations. But there are other, more obvious signs that can make clear your need for a water treatment solution:

  • Dry skin and hair after you shower
  • Water stains, water spots, or soap scum on sinks, shower doors, and silverware
  • Colored laundry has faded/white fabrics have turned gray 
  • Cloudy ice cubes with noticeable floating deposits
  • Unpleasant drinking water (strange smell/taste)

If you notice any of these signs with your water softener or similar treatment system, call Elite AC & Plumbing and let our water softeners and water treatment experts guide you to the right solution.

We sell and install each leading water treatment system, including cutting-edge water softeners and RO systems. A reverse osmosis filter, also called an RO system, is among the most effective and affordable methods available for creating clean, safe, soft water. 

Elite AC & Plumbing also sells and installs water softener systems and RO systems that are designed to remove high concentrations of calcium and magnesium that cause hard water. Our experts can help you design and select the perfect water filtration or type of water softener for your home or business based on your budget and your needs. Call or contact us today to learn more or get started!

Water Softener Installation and Repair

Systems in Phoenix can work harder than similar types of water softener and RO filtration systems in other places, due to the high levels of minerals, contaminants, and pollutants in our supply.

Our RO, water softeners, and treatment system service and maintenance means you will never have to worry about your RO, water softeners, or filtration system breaking down on you when you need it most, Elite AC and Plumbing's maintenance has your back year round, RO filtration, best RO filtration system | RO Filtration System | Reverse Osmosis, RO Filtration | Elite AC & Plumbing

Over the years, this means a lot of wear and tear, which can lower your RO systems', or other treatment system's performances. Fortunately, Elite AC & Plumbing is here to keep your water softeners, RO filtration system, or other treatment system in tip-top shape. 

We maintain and repair all types of water softener systems, including residential and commercial water softeners, RO systems, even whole-home water treatment systems. No matter the make, model, or filtration type, Elite AC & Plumbing can make sure that your system is always producing the safest, cleanest, highest quality water--guaranteed. 

To extend the life of RO systems or other water treatment appliances and ensure the availability of premium water on tap, we recommend annual maintenance and tune-ups (although whole-home water treatment systems and larger commercial water heaters may require more frequent service). As part of our RO systems and water softener maintenance, our technicians will:

  • Clean the tank and remove buildup that can cause corrosion 
  • Sanitize the brine tank to prevent mold and mildew
  • Remove sediment that can impact water quality and taste
  • Perform a valve inspection to ensure proper flow measurement 
  • Update the circuit board (if necessary and applicable to a specific water softener)


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